Recreation places are often a destination for spending holidays. However, recreation is not necessarily suitable for all generations. The following tips for children to be safe in recreation

1. Follow the rules
Bruised knees and elbows may be a minor injury due to playing in a recreation area. Therefore, parents need to pay more attention so that serious injuries do not occur. Make sure every vehicle in the recreation area is appropriate for the age of the child. Carefully read the rules before waiting in line. No need to fear children will cry or fuss if you don’t allow them to play on certain rides that you think are not safe for children.

2. Keep watch over children
Don’t let your and your family’s joy decrease because one of your children is separated. Then keep watching the child so as not to escape attention. Provide children with information such as meeting places when separated, remembering the parent’s name as well as the cellphone number that can be contacted. This information will be very helpful if the child is separated from the family.

3. Watch out for Wahana Air
If your family visits water rides, there are additional safety grips that must be a concern. The most crucial thing is knowing the child’s ability to swim. Do not be lazy to use a safety jacket or buoy to ensure that the child stays safe when playing. As a parent, you should prepare all the bad possibilities before visiting a water park. Give understanding to the child so as not to swallow the carbonated water and keep holding the child’s arm so you quickly respond when the child is scared.

4. Take a Pause on a High Speed ​​Vehicle
Before climbing a high-speed vehicle in a row, you should take a break of about 10 minutes to 15 minutes. The goal is to avoid tension in the neck or other joints when climbing high-speed rides.

5. Maintain Food and Drink Intake
Make sure the child’s body remains hydrated while spending a holiday. Try to reduce sweet foods and drinks, also caffeinated. Fatty snacks are also recommended to be reduced during spending holidays in recreation. When forced to consume, give a pause before climbing the vehicle to prevent discomfort due to nausea that reduces cheerfulness during play.

6. Check the Security Device Before Playing
In almost all rides, officers will ensure the bars are closed and are in the correct position. You should ensure that your child starts from adhesives, seat belts to bars. In addition, make sure that the child does not remove the limbs, make sure all the items in the bag are closed and placed in the right position so as not to endanger the child or other visitors.

7. Preparing for an Accident
You must take your child to a clinic or place that provides first aid if an accident occurs. You must be able to recognize symptoms such as dizziness, weakness and nausea in children. In addition, you must equip your child if there is a disaster at a recreation place. Make sure you and your child recognize the gathering point, the emergency exit is also the location of the fire extinguisher.