The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life. – Bill Gates

I think Bill Gates has summed up technology and its purpose in our lives to the T. To say that technology is thought of, created, crafted, honed, made better with the sole intention of making human life more efficient wouldn’t be wrong. Look around you and you will know what I am referring to. You can edit photos with a swipe, witness ‘live’ a history-altering political uprising half way across the world; you can carry 64GB+ music in your pocket, Google information on literally anyone and anything, book cheap flights to another country with just a few taps and never ever lose any data because it can ALL be stored on cloud!

The obvious extension of the ‘technology has changed the way we live’ ideology is that ‘technology has changed the way we travel’.  How could have it not?!

  1. Seldom Lost, Always Found!

Travel, in its most basic form, is about getting from place A to place B. But to get from one place to another, you need to know in which direction you ought to proceed. To know where you must head, you need to know where you are. Enter Global Positioning System (GPS) – Google Maps! Click here, type your destination there and technology finds you and assists you step-by-step to your desired location. Win!

  1. Applications

How did we ever live without apps?! Be it booking air/bus/train tickets, booking a taxi, making hotel reservations, finding information about a city or a restaurant in that city or the food served in that restaurant in that city! There is app to ease all your travel worries; there is an app (or two) to assist you in planning your entire travel itinerary.

  1. Instant Connection

Social media platforms like Twitter/Facebook/ and communities like AirBnB have made it possible to help and receive help from absolute strangers. Say for example you are travelling to The Hague and would like to know where to stay and eat. So, while AirBnb can help solve your accommodation headaches, your tweets/messages asking people for best eatery suggestions will surely solve your where-to-eat issues. Chances are *someone* will not only tell you which one is the best restaurant in town but also which is the best item on the menu!

  1. Safe

Like I said earlier, you can store ALL your data on cloud; which means copies of your important identification documents, passport, hotel reservation slips, etc. can be saved on your cloud account. In case you lose your physical copy, all you have to do is log in to your account (from ANY part of the world) and retrieve your information instantly. Additionally, the global acceptance of plastic money has made travelling without much hard-cash possible thereby reducing the chances of robbery and this has surely made travel safer.